Joost Van Bleiswijk

The many facets of woven vinyl floors.

2TEC2 is a Belgian brand of fine woven vinyl floor coverings. With clients such as Hugo Boss, Microsoft,  and collaborations with reputed designers and architects like Zaha Hadid, our goal was to anchor their high tech brand firmly into the luxury age and evoke the natural aspects related to the product. To help them achieve this we refreshed their brand image and created a unique tactile digital experience.

Client: 2tec2
Services: Art direction, Content, Strategy


From complex to simple without losing the important things

The website design echoes the
company’s strong culture and


Lota Grotesque (bespoke) is a typeface that reflects the values of the Tink brand and becomes a part of the Tink personality.

“We where pleased with the collaboration with Brando, they captured the essence of our studio.”


― Stefanie van Keisteren (Rens)