Wesselinck Isolatie

From Jeans to Insulation

Wesselink Isolatie is a company that applies bio based sound and
thermal insulation in buildings. The company was founded by two Dutch brothers – Benjamin and Oscar Wesselinck with a clear mission:  doing business in a sustainable way.

[nvh: be precise & consicse about scope of the assignment. This page is not about who they are. This case is about what we did for them and how we tackled the project 😉 ]

Client: Wesselinck Isolatie
Services: Art direction, Identity, Web

[nvh: avoid to many ‘they’s’ in the text. = distance! / framing needed. text now starts rightin i.t. middle. Let’ start by saying that a light logo tweak was needed.] They wanted to keep the original logo, a medlar flower, as much as possible. Historically, the flower has been a symbol of the area where they grew up, you can see it more often in old coats of arms and city flags. For the re-design of the logo we looked for a good contrast between soft lines and pointed corners.

To showcase all insulation options in an understandable way, we developed a coherent illustration style where we included various icons and infographics.

Animated illustrations serve as a signpost through the website that guide you to the right solution.

“Our mission to be carbon negative as a company, should be communicated clearly throughout the website.

― Ben Wesselinck  [Quote here]

Being an independent company, Wesselinck also provides advice on the best insulation for each customer by means of an easy-to-use material configurator.